Modern wheels play very essential roles in the framework of vehicles which transcend mechanical support and kinetics- aesthetics is also a vital aspect of wheel functions which have inspired a wide range of designs to suit any vehicle type whether luxury or sports racing models.

Wheels are an integral part of vehicle performance; they come is sizes, shapes, designs, finishes and weight. Wheel brands are highly competitive in today’s aftermarket as a wide range of high end models flood the market, creating major buzz. If you are considering getting a wheel for your vehicle then we have the perfect choices for you. Here are 5 best aftermarket wheels for your vehicle;


This five spoked black wheel would make your Mercedes or Miata look absolutely stunning. It ranks highly on performance level and is durable- an absolute fit for any road type.


Rotiform Cast CCV

The Rotiform brand is known for producing daunting designs with unique patterns and concavity that stands out from its peers. Slam the CCV on your S4 or GTI and watch heads turn your way.



HRE Vintage 505M

Known for their stylish vintage series, the HRE provides quality for the lover of class. The 505M comes with an exceptional 5 spoke design and weighs very lightly; built for any weather and can stand the test of time.

Enkei Raijin Rims

This racing model is an icon with extreme light weight, built for the tracks. It comes in white and gold finishes. Whether Subaru or Mitsubishi you can be sure of perfect fitments and a flawless performance on any terrain.

ISS Forged GT-series Complex 5

This upcoming brand is giving most renowned wheel brands a run for their money. The deep-dish Forged is a beauty and comes with customized finishes to give your vehicle whatever personality you prefer.

When it comes to wheels there is no compromise as modern wheels blend in with your vehicle to exude an aesthetic that rubs off on its driver. Take your wheel game up a notch and go for the best.

Subaru: the journey of greatness

Subaru WRX could be spotted since the first Nineteen Nineties, and whereas half of the world dreamt of owning these rally cars all year round for daily usage. Subaru gifted North American country by creating it worse till just. The extremist hot WRX idea has emerged to vary all that, however before which will happen, let’s examine what is behind North American country or if seen in majority of cases, up front, lined in mud.

WRX tale begins with Impreza’s precursor, Legacy. In the year1989, Subaru picked up a record breaking high speed over a vast distance of Arizona which equals to 100,000kilometers or 62,137miles in a time span of 447 hours, forty four minutes and 9.887 seconds. That is a median speed of 138.77 mph. What is even rewarding is you can avail the RS adaptation which comes with a five-speed manual and therefore the two.0-liter EJ20G turbo engine manufacturing 220 H.P. in Japan and also two hundred foot pounds. During a slightly changed kind, the (EJ20F4) was adjusted into the primary Impreza WRX.

WRX was launched in 1992 and it was designed with a wagon and sedan body whereas it absolutely was supercharged by a two40 H.P. 2.0-liter boxer engine. However Europe with no option other than to create do with solely 210. Yet we have a tendency to be at an advantage over North-America, because the 1st generation WRX ne’er created it there. Conjointly for the domestic market in Japan, a minimal “RA” adaptation was on the market for people who wished to make a motorcar with no ABS, a Nardi handwheel, manual windows, gears decreased in size and less soundproofing.

WRX was appeared to eleven in Feb 1994 once Subaru announced the STI adaptation. Then they participated in collaboration with Colin McRae in control of the wheel in the globe Rally Championship, UN agency had established himself with an inheritance before. These STIs were 1st born-again from regular WRXs at the Subaru mill. In 2011, the kit of the wide body from the STI was supplemental to the WRX, and therefore the sedan STI was again conveyed.

Currently we have a tendency to come back to the WRX idea that surfaced in the big apple nowadays. For the primary time, it isn’t simply a flashy Impreza. If this style is passed over to the assembly version, nobody can blame the ‘Rex of going soft.


Vehicles to Everything (V2X)

Ever since cars have come into existence, people have wondered whether it would fly. Even after being 17 years into the 21st century, there’s no sign of the rocket propelled monster cars, which can suddenly insert its tires inside itself and take off like an airplane, but there’s certainly been some interesting developments so far that subtly suggest, that it may not be very long till we get to see glimpse of the first flying cars. And one of these developments includes, V2X.
V2X is a technology used by “Next GEN” or more commonly known as smart cars or supercars. The brands currently using them are Tesla, GM, Audi, BMW and plenty more. In simplistic terms, V2X is available in two forms.

  • V2V or vehicle to vehicle
  • V2I or vehicle to Infrastructure

V2V allows vehicles to communicate with each other through short range wireless signals. The signals generated are quite strong and cannot be interfered by hazards like bad weather. V2I allows the vehicle to communicate or detect structures like streetlamps, buildings and even cyclists and pedestrians.

The main implementation of V2X system has been focused on safety. So, most people could clearly deduce that it warns the driver of incoming or potential collisions. But that would be only scratching the surface of its uses. Its uses include:

  • Forward and backward collision warning
  • Lane change and blind spot warning
  • Intersection movement assistance
  • Emergency vehicle Approaching
  • Road Works warning
  • Platooning

V2X systems can also keep an account for payment of tolls, parking and fees of such kind. From the view of economy, this technology has massive potential. Its production has barely tapped into, even in 2016 its production was quite disappointing to say the least, but hopefully, its production will increase exponentially over the next few years.

However, the main downside of this technology is its market standings. It’s still fairly nascent and thus, its benefits get limited. One V2X vehicle can only communicate with another vehicle if, that one too has V2X incorporated in its system. At the moment, V2X is mainly used in luxury brands but, due to the announcement of leading V2X sellers such as, Delphi, Denso and Continental’s integration plans, we could safely assume that not only autonomous vehicles but even low priced cars are going to have this technology within the next 20 years. Thus, this proves the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers motto “Trust the process”.

Universal Type S Spoiler

Before we get into any detail, we need to know what a spoiler is. A spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device that is a design function to ‘spoil’ any unfavorable air movement on the body of the vehicle while it’s moving, usually called as turbulence or drag. A rear spoiler is specifically designed to change the flow of air over the back of the vehicle. Spoilers are good for your car, regardless of what others say. A lot of people say that it’s only good as an accessory that your car doesn’t need. This simple modification can actually make a lot of difference. But if you’re a car enthusiast who wants good spoilers with an affordable price, we have the best one for you. It’s none other than Universal Type S Spoiler. A spoiler that has adjustable angle with a silver double deck made of aluminum in GT style. The spoiler has a dual adjustable fins that allows variable down force control. Also, unlike similar sized carbon fiber option, this spoiler will not snap if anyone even bends on it. This is because of the light weighted aluminum of good quality. The spoiler guarantees highest durability.

The option for adjustment lets customized usages with efficiency and appearance. The spoiler also enhances Aerodynamic of the car which helps reducing drag, reinforces down force, increases fuel efficiency, stability and traction. Apart from all the benefits, it also makes your car look much better than it already is. Moreover, it is easy to install, though drilling is required. Also, you don’t need to worry about how it will look because the company makes sure that the spoiler fits all kinds of cars and make it look good and efficient. They come in different colors so you can choose the color that fits your car. However, one problem could be faced by customers is that the spoiler comes with no instructions. Many have complained that it took them a long time to install the spoiler because they did not understand how to install it correctly. So, all these benefits for your car only come at $100. So, if you’re looking for nice spoilers for your car, do check it out.



The need to represent individuality is reflected in every Radi8 wheel. The concept of the brand goes beyond beauty and aesthetics, it puts into consideration personality and status. Making a statement or an impression can now be made easy by your choice of wheels. The radi8 brand of wheels specializes in the structuring and manufacture of various designs with signatory traits attached to them. A few of these wheel series and their prominent characters are as follows.

R8S5 – this series embodies the personality “The Sarcastic Ninja” and is also referred to as the master of silent treatment. This of course means stealth, poise and a great posture.

R8B12 – popularly known as “Mr. Drama Queen” this when exudes that confidence and like its name implies, it seems to always appear edgy with a tendency to cause a scene around spectators.

R8C5 – this design is exotic and pleasing to the eyes as it is aggressive. This has earned it the personality “The passive aggressive.”

R8A10 – sleek and smooth as a gentleman but still possessing that thrill and spontaneity has earned this bad boy the name “The Charming Jerk.”

These wheels also come with great features that give them an edge over the conventional luxury wheels in the market. The Radi8 brand of wheels offer features such as

  • Innovative structural design
  • Classy finishes
  • Intricate monoblock designs
  • Deep concave rear profiles

Available colors include; matte silver brushed face/machined face, black machined face, Gold brush, dark mist.

Asides projecting individual personalities the Radi8 wheels are simply magnificent and durable for all terrain with perfect fitment for your luxury vehicle. It is also tested and trusted in terms of safety standards. It is highly recommended and has made its mark in the wheel industry as one of the best wheels money can buy.

Top 5 most expensive cars

Cars are more than just a transportation medium- it’s a luxury too. Cars manufacturers go to great extent to make sure that their car stands out and is the epitome of class and speed. There are cars the prices of which go way above the average car prices- we are talking millions of dollars here. Every little detail of these cars is awe-striking. Without further ado let us explore the top five most expensive cars of 2015:

5) Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

Ferrari is no stranger to the world of super cars and Pininfarina is one of their most beautiful looking models. It costs around 3 million USD! Made of completely carbon fiber- this light weighted beast is truly a good buy if you are willing to spend that much money on a super car.

4) Aston Martin Valkyrie

Although no official statement has been released for the price of this vehicle- many reliable sources suggests that it costs a little over 3 million USD. However, this is no ordinary supercar- with a spectacular weigh to power ratio of 1:1 and a engine providing 1000 horse power- this is hell of a car.

3) Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini has always been everyone’s dream car at one point of their lives. The Veneno Roadster with its mesmerizing design and 740hp , 6.5 liter, V-12 monstrous engine – this car costs about 3.3 million USD.

2) Lykan HyperSport

Now, this car manufacturer is not so famous and the features of this car may not sound so competitive compared to the other contenders in this list. However, it’s the involvement of high quality precious stones like diamond found in the headlights and other regions of the car which gives it a price tag of 3.4 million USD.

1) Mclaren P1 LM

Mclaren P1 LM is a masterpiece created with the combined effort of Mclaren and Lanzante motor sports. With 3.8, V-8 engine that produces 1000 hp – this cars costs about 3.7 million USD.