Modern wheels play very essential roles in the framework of vehicles which transcend mechanical support and kinetics- aesthetics is also a vital aspect of wheel functions which have inspired a wide range of designs to suit any vehicle type whether luxury or sports racing models.

Wheels are an integral part of vehicle performance; they come is sizes, shapes, designs, finishes and weight. Wheel brands are highly competitive in today’s aftermarket as a wide range of high end models flood the market, creating major buzz. If you are considering getting a wheel for your vehicle then we have the perfect choices for you. Here are 5 best aftermarket wheels for your vehicle;


This five spoked black wheel would make your Mercedes or Miata look absolutely stunning. It ranks highly on performance level and is durable- an absolute fit for any road type.


Rotiform Cast CCV

The Rotiform brand is known for producing daunting designs with unique patterns and concavity that stands out from its peers. Slam the CCV on your S4 or GTI and watch heads turn your way.



HRE Vintage 505M

Known for their stylish vintage series, the HRE provides quality for the lover of class. The 505M comes with an exceptional 5 spoke design and weighs very lightly; built for any weather and can stand the test of time.

Enkei Raijin Rims

This racing model is an icon with extreme light weight, built for the tracks. It comes in white and gold finishes. Whether Subaru or Mitsubishi you can be sure of perfect fitments and a flawless performance on any terrain.

ISS Forged GT-series Complex 5

This upcoming brand is giving most renowned wheel brands a run for their money. The deep-dish Forged is a beauty and comes with customized finishes to give your vehicle whatever personality you prefer.

When it comes to wheels there is no compromise as modern wheels blend in with your vehicle to exude an aesthetic that rubs off on its driver. Take your wheel game up a notch and go for the best.

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