The need to represent individuality is reflected in every Radi8 wheel. The concept of the brand goes beyond beauty and aesthetics, it puts into consideration personality and status. Making a statement or an impression can now be made easy by your choice of wheels. The radi8 brand of wheels specializes in the structuring and manufacture of various designs with signatory traits attached to them. A few of these wheel series and their prominent characters are as follows.

R8S5 – this series embodies the personality “The Sarcastic Ninja” and is also referred to as the master of silent treatment. This of course means stealth, poise and a great posture.

R8B12 – popularly known as “Mr. Drama Queen” this when exudes that confidence and like its name implies, it seems to always appear edgy with a tendency to cause a scene around spectators.

R8C5 – this design is exotic and pleasing to the eyes as it is aggressive. This has earned it the personality “The passive aggressive.”

R8A10 – sleek and smooth as a gentleman but still possessing that thrill and spontaneity has earned this bad boy the name “The Charming Jerk.”

These wheels also come with great features that give them an edge over the conventional luxury wheels in the market. The Radi8 brand of wheels offer features such as

  • Innovative structural design
  • Classy finishes
  • Intricate monoblock designs
  • Deep concave rear profiles

Available colors include; matte silver brushed face/machined face, black machined face, Gold brush, dark mist.

Asides projecting individual personalities the Radi8 wheels are simply magnificent and durable for all terrain with perfect fitment for your luxury vehicle. It is also tested and trusted in terms of safety standards. It is highly recommended and has made its mark in the wheel industry as one of the best wheels money can buy.

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