Vehicles to Everything (V2X)

Ever since cars have come into existence, people have wondered whether it would fly. Even after being 17 years into the 21st century, there’s no sign of the rocket propelled monster cars, which can suddenly insert its tires inside itself and take off like an airplane, but there’s certainly been some interesting developments so far that subtly suggest, that it may not be very long till we get to see glimpse of the first flying cars. And one of these developments includes, V2X.
V2X is a technology used by “Next GEN” or more commonly known as smart cars or supercars. The brands currently using them are Tesla, GM, Audi, BMW and plenty more. In simplistic terms, V2X is available in two forms.

  • V2V or vehicle to vehicle
  • V2I or vehicle to Infrastructure

V2V allows vehicles to communicate with each other through short range wireless signals. The signals generated are quite strong and cannot be interfered by hazards like bad weather. V2I allows the vehicle to communicate or detect structures like streetlamps, buildings and even cyclists and pedestrians.

The main implementation of V2X system has been focused on safety. So, most people could clearly deduce that it warns the driver of incoming or potential collisions. But that would be only scratching the surface of its uses. Its uses include:

  • Forward and backward collision warning
  • Lane change and blind spot warning
  • Intersection movement assistance
  • Emergency vehicle Approaching
  • Road Works warning
  • Platooning

V2X systems can also keep an account for payment of tolls, parking and fees of such kind. From the view of economy, this technology has massive potential. Its production has barely tapped into, even in 2016 its production was quite disappointing to say the least, but hopefully, its production will increase exponentially over the next few years.

However, the main downside of this technology is its market standings. It’s still fairly nascent and thus, its benefits get limited. One V2X vehicle can only communicate with another vehicle if, that one too has V2X incorporated in its system. At the moment, V2X is mainly used in luxury brands but, due to the announcement of leading V2X sellers such as, Delphi, Denso and Continental’s integration plans, we could safely assume that not only autonomous vehicles but even low priced cars are going to have this technology within the next 20 years. Thus, this proves the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers motto “Trust the process”.

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